TFX1510 D15


Brighten someone's day with a burst of sunshine! Our TFX1510 D15 dozen Sunflowers with 4 pcs white roses is a ray of light guaranteed to make them smile. This cheerful bouquet features:

  • Vibrant yellow Sunflowers, symbolizing joy and optimism

  • Elegant white roses for purity and new beginnings

  • Fresh, fragrant flowers in their prime

  • Thoughtfully arranged by our expert florists

With their warm, happy colors and uplifting symbolism, these flowers are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, get well wishes, or any occasion when you want to share your sunshine. The Sunflowers' big, bright faces inspire cheer against the contrasting white roses. It's a fresh, lively gift to lift their spirits.

Send our TFX1510 to someone special as a simple way to make their day brighter. This mini garden will remind them of your thoughtfulness every time they look at it!

A dozens of Sunflowers with 4 pcs white roses

Design not applicable for provincial addresses, if orderedand given a provincial address, we will have it designed that may fit the the box.


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