Store Opening Flowers

Celebrate the grand opening of your new store in Manila with a 
stunning floral display that makes a bold first impression! 
Our Inaugural Store Opening Flowers Manila package includes a 
vibrant assortment of tropical blooms like orchids, anthurium, 
birds of paradise, and more arranged artfully in your choice of colors.



When sending an inaugural flower stand arrangement, it is essential to determine the budget beforehand. Prices may vary depending on the delivery location and the quality of flowers used in the arrangement.


It is advisable to select flowers that are appropriate for the current season.


A 1-tier flower stand comprises a tall stand with flowers, while a 2-tier flower stand consists of a top stage with a large arrangement and a lower stage with a smaller arrangement.


The ambiance of the flower shop should be taken into consideration when choosing an inaugural flower arrangement. Select a flower stand that complements the shop's image. Opt for a flower shop with high ratings or positive feedback.


Prior to placing an order, it is crucial to be aware of the delivery area's distance and the shop's location, as prices are subject to change based on the delivery area. Some shops have specific delivery areas.


The floral arrangements displayed on stands are frequently positioned in front of newly opened shops. 

They play a crucial role in informing the public that the shop is now open. We offer a diverse selection of distinctive flower arrangements crafted by our local florist.


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Store Opening Flowers and Events

Store Opening Flowers Manila specializes in providing a wide range of exquisite floral arrangements for inaugurations and store openings.

Our flower delivery service covers Metro Manila and nearby cities, ensuring that your chosen arrangement arrives promptly. As a leading flower shop in the Philippines, we take pride in our elegant floral stands that symbolize prosperity and good fortune.

 Whether it's a grand opening, inauguration, or any ceremony marking a new venture, our diverse and vibrant flowers will add a touch of beauty and significance to the occasion. 

We are committed to supporting new businesses by offering opening flowers, as well as providing grand opening flowers and ribbon cutting flowers to celebrate success. Count on our shop to deliver exceptional service and create a truly memorable experience for your special event. Place your order with us today!

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