TFX N03 D02

Breathe in the scent of romance with TFX N03 D02. This enchanting bouquet of stargazer lilies, sunflowers, red roses, and gerberas is sure to make your loved one swoon.

  • Exquisite mix of romantic red roses and cheerful sunflowers
  • Fragrant stargazer lilies add an elegant, exotic touch
  • Vibrant gerberas provide a pop of color

Give a gift that conveys your deepest affection. The stunning stargazer lilies, with their delicate white petals and alluring fragrance, symbolize purity and prosperity. Paired with classic red roses, known for their timeless beauty and passion, this arrangement communicates your unwavering devotion.

Surprise your sweetheart with TFX N03 D02. It's the perfect way to say "I love you" this Valentine's Day or anniversary.

Stargazer, Sunflower, Red Roses and Gerberas


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