2 dozens of Lavander Ecuadorain Roses

Transport her to a lavender wonderland with 2 Dozens Of Lavander Ecuadorian Roses. This eye-catching bouquet features:

  • 24 exquisite lavender roses straight from Ecuador, known for superior quality blooms
  • Large, full roses in an enchanting lavender hue
  • Long-lasting roses that will fill any room with their sweet fragrance

Give your special someone a gift that's as unique as she is. These lavender roses make a stunning statement with their rare and magical color. Their soft fragrance and velvety texture will delight her senses.

Perfect for surprising your wife, girlfriend, or any leading lady in your life. Lavender roses convey love, enchantment, and appreciation for her one-of-a-kind spirit. Make her feel like the goddess she is with this royal bouquet she'll never forget.


2 dozens of Lavander Ecuadorain Roses


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