Luxxe Fruit Basket


Spread the joy of fresh fruit with this abundant Large Fruit Basket! This bountiful gift includes sweet red apples, ripe golden bananas, juicy green grapes, and tropical mangoes - a delicious assortment of nature's candy. Plus, 3 vibrant Rainbow Ecuadorian Roses add a touch of floral beauty.

  • Includes a variety of hand-picked fresh fruits: apples, bananas, grapes, and mangoes
  • Comes with 3 stunning Rainbow Ecuadorian Roses
  • Makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion

This impressive fruit basket is sure to brighten someone's day. The tasty fruits provide a burst of flavor and nutrition in every bite, while the roses add a pop of color and charm. It's an easy way to share something wholesome and sweet with friends, family, colleagues, or loved ones. Perfect for birthdays, get well gifts, thank yous, or just because. Give the gift of health and happiness!

With 3 Rainbow Ecuadorian Roses

NOTE: Basket Arrangement is for Metro Manila Areas Only. Unavailable fruit/s may replace to an equivalent fruit same of its cost.

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