SET C – Orange Fruit Basket


Orange Fruit Basket

Send a vibrant gift of nature's sweetest treat with the SET C - Orange Fruit Basket. This delightful arrangement features a bounty of juicy oranges, freshly picked and artfully displayed.

  • Generous assortment of sweet, seedless oranges
  • Hand-selected for ripeness
  • Beautifully arranged in a reusable basket

Treat someone special to the bright, refreshing flavor of sweet oranges. These easy-to-peel beauties are bursting with sweet citrus juice and make a healthy snack or addition to recipes. They're picked at the peak of ripeness and immediately delivered so you can enjoy orchard-fresh flavor.

Perfect for any occasion - surprise a friend, thank a client, or show appreciation for a teacher or neighbor. This generous gift basket overflowing with nature's candy delivers a little sunshine in every bite.

NOTE: Basket Arrangement is for Metro Manila Areas Only. For Provincial Addresses, Fruits will be arrange in a box.


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