Rocher Surprise Bloombox

Surprise and delight your special someone with the Rocher Surprise Bloombox gift set - an elegant combination of rich chocolate and fresh roses that's sure to leave a lasting impression. This bloombox contains 3 beautiful Ecuadorian roses nestled inside a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, creating an unforgettable gift for any occasion.

The Rocher Surprise Bloombox includes:

  • 3 fresh long stem Ecuadorian roses
  • 12 Ferrero Rocher fine hazelnut chocolates 
  • An elegant gift box for presentation

With its timeless pairing of velvety chocolate and romantic roses, this bloombox is the perfect way to show your affection and make your loved one feel truly cherished. The delicious Rocher chocolates satisfy their sweet tooth while the roses add a touch of beauty and thoughtfulness. It's a gift that will be remembered and appreciated long after the occasion has passed.

Give the gift of surprise and delight with the Rocher Surprise Bloombox - a memorable gift set that will leave a smile for years to come. This charming combination is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day or any time you want to show someone special just how much they mean to you.

Make big impression with a delightful chocolate bloombox with 3 ecuadorian roses. Leave an everlasting smile on the face of your loved one with this gift to remember.


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