FiliFlora Flower Basket


A lovely arrangement of fragrant cassablanca, carnation and some local fillers.

Bring a touch of beauty and fragrance into any room with the FiliFlora Flower Basket. This lovely arrangement includes fragrant cassablanca lilies, carnations and local fillers in a charming wicker basket.

  • Lovely mix of cassablanca lilies, carnations and local fillers
  • Fragrant flowers scent any room
  • Arranged in a charming wicker basket

The elegant white cassablanca lilies and colorful carnations create a beautiful, soothing focal point that elevates any space. Their sweet fragrance fills the air, creating a pleasant and relaxing ambiance. The flowers are artfully arranged in a charming wicker basket, adding a rustic touch.

Perfect for brightening up a bedroom, kitchen, office or living room. The FiliFlora Flower Basket makes a wonderful gift to cheer up a friend or loved one. Bring the beauty of nature indoors with this delightful flower arrangement.

Note: Valid for Metro Manila Addresses only, if ordered and with provincial delivery address, it will be back to the default flower arrangement

Ordering such a flower basket will be produced as closely as possible to the picture. Substitutions of flowers, containers and other materials may be needed, care is taken to maintain the style and theme of the arrangement and to ensure timely delivery.


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