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Here are some reason why people love flowers:

  • Because of the attraction, Humans love flowers simply, simply because of the beauty. You know, when we hear the word BEAUTIFUL, it is a normal behavior that the first thing may come to our mind is the flower.

    Also, people love flowers, because of the color, They are flashy and they have a nice shape with charming fragrance.

  • Flowers have evolved to be colorful, flashy, fragrant advertisements to attract birds and insects who glean nourishment and serve the flowering plant by spreading their pollen and ensuring their survival.

    So, it’s “natural” that we would be attracted to flowers – they’re designed to attract!

    Pretty, colorful, smell-good attractions.

    On top of that, they represent health, bounty, spring-like weather, femininity, and sensuality.

  • Primates (Including humans) developed the ability to see colors in order to tell if a fruit is ready to ear or not. In the case of human’s attractiveness to colors, it is because humans (And primates) like to play with their senses in order to feel new experiences (In other words, to get rid of boredom). Their tendency to play with senses can also be found in their love of music, sexual stimulation, trying different foods, touching different things, etc.


  • Humans perceive flowers beautiful or attractive , attract various reasons or occasions to have presence of flowers . The beauty of flowers needs no explanation, as it happens. The beauty and attractiveness of flowers are for humans context-dependent: either in reference to meetings, encounters and feelings, either as part of the setting for experiences, either as message-bearing. Moreover, in some cases flowers are beautiful just on their own.

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  • Humans love flowers for many reasons.With their bright colors and delicate look, flowers are naturally beautiful, they are flashy and they have a nice shape with a charming fragrance. Flowers are commonly used as gifts, it will help you to tell your feelings with your partner that what you think about them. It’s used for any happiness occasions like wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby born, to make your event memorable. Flowers make an emotional impact on us and provide comfort and consideration. It help serves as natural decorations for a centerpiece or to add the cheerful ambiance to the patient to feel them happy by heart. That why humans love flowers.
  • We see flowers as being pretty for the same reason we love the stars, a sunset/sunrise, mountains, the tropical ocean, and all other forms of natural beauty. It’s coincidence. It’s still beautiful though.

    Flowers help us in myriad ways

    Flowers are commonly used as gifts. Flowers are a surefire way to grab a woman’s attention and make her continuously think of you whenever she glances at the bouquet.

    Flowers make an emotional impact on us and provide comfort and consideration.Being in the presence of flowers triggers happy emotion and heightens feelings of life satistifaction

    Many flowers are edible and have provided flavor and nourishment to generations.

    Most of  the flower contains high doses of ascorbic acid and glycolic acid and may also fight inflammation and water retention so they use it for medicinal purposes.

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  • There are artists out there who pursue the capture of beauty. The beauty of a flower. What makes a flower so beautiful is that it just pops up color, shape and all without any effort on our part. Sure we can grow them and nurture the way they come about, but their delicate, fragile, and quiet grace is all their own.  Within flowers is a lesson which reflects the true understanding of beauty and perfection, though we may not appreciate it everyday: True beauty and perfection is but for only a moment, then it is gone, hopefully to be witnessed in the next season of our hearts and minds.

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  • Even in this 21st century the charm and charisma of flowers is intact. No matter how advanced we have become, the splendor of flowers is still intact. Who says that an expensive dress is more beautiful than a gorgeous flower bouquet? Maybe for a materialistic fellow, such a dress might be more loving but for a creative and loving individual, a flower bouquet will suffice his desire.

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  • It’s that flowers release a gas called ethylene and it’s what creates the sweet smell.

    Ethylene makes you euphoric. So it could be that’s why we love the smell.

    Fun fact:

    At a high concentration of ethylene you’ll hallucinate. This is what the oracle of Delphi used thousands of years ago to make prophecies. She’d be the most powerful person in the world back then. They thought it allowed you to connect to the gods.

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  • Flowers make a positive impact on our nature and if we live in greenery atmosphere, it affects on our mood in positive ways as well as beneficial for our health.Alona Flowers with Ferrero and Bear

Text and comments from:Quora