Whether or not you send sympathy flowers really depends on your relationship with the deceased or the bereaved and also on their wishes. If you didn’t know the person very well, or it is a work colleague, it might be appropriate just to send a card.

Some people request donations to the deceased’s favourite charity instead, or they may have a cultural or religious reason for not wishing to receive flowers. (For example, it isn’t customary in the Jewish faith to send sympathy flowers). Some people might simply be allergic or just not like cut flowers! So try and respect their wishes. If you’re not sure, there are plenty of other ways of letting someone know you are thinking of them at this sad time. Perhaps a phone call, even an email or a text would be a comfort. Practical help such as cooking a meal, or helping with transport for the funeral can be other ways of showing you care.

There are many other types of sympathy gifts too for situations where flowers might not be suitable. Perhaps the recipient has very little space to display them, or will be travelling soon after the funeral. Have a look at our page of ideas for sympathy gifts to see whether something different may be more appropriate in this case.

Text by: griefandsympathy