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Saying I Love You With Flowers

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Expressing your feelings through flowers is a time-honored tradition. The feeling of love, one of the most heartfelt, and often fraught, emotions sometimes is first expressed by the presentation of a single rose. Or, a wildflower or daisy. Though each bloom has its own assigned meaning, what gives your gift real meaning is the feeling you put behind it. Still, when it comes to speaking with flowers, it’s fun to know which ones say what. Romantic love, friendship, fidelity, and unending love of one sort or another can all be expressed with the right bloom–your florist can help you in choosing, if you are a little unsure.

A Red, Red Rose and Beyond

Red, in many flower varieties–most famous in roses–means “I love you.” The color is considered a passionate one, so whatever you say with a red flower is thought to be an intense version of the feeling, no matter the species. Red chrysanthemums, for instance, mean love, though they are not as popular as roses. Is your love immortal? Then add amaranth to your bouquet. If you want to send your romantic interest a message of love with flowers that are as beautiful as they are surprising, ask your local florist which would be the best blooms to choose.

For the Love of Friends

Friendships can last for decades, years, or even moments–but for each heartfelt friendship, there is a matching bloom. Yellow roses, for instance–or the pink rose, which signifies a less intense love than the red. An iris, in the language of flowers, means “your friendship means so much to me,” while an ivy can symbolize fidelity and affection. Sending flowers to your friends and loved ones “just because” becomes an even greater pleasure when you really think about the message your blooms are carrying.

You Mean So Much to Me

Sometimes simply telling someone, whether a romantic partner, a friend, a parent or even someone that helps you through the day, how much they mean to you is a forgotten art. The ease of online flower ordering, however, makes it much more convenient to simply pick out a bouquet and send it along. TFX Flowers’ marketplace of florists takes it an extra step; instead of cookie-cutter bouquets, each local florist displays their own unique creations. That special something for that special someone is just a click away.

Convey Your Deepest Feeling by Sending Flower Online to Philippines

TFX Flower Delivery

When it comes to festival celebration, flowers play a significant role. Flowers are the perfect decoration material and used for various other purposes such as pooja. Everyone wants to have fresh flowers for decorating their home. If you go for traditional shopping, then you need to wake up earlier in the morning. Go to the market and explore for the fresh flowers according to your requirements and reasonable price too.

However, in this modern era, you can buy flowers online. In the internet, plenty of online shops offer flower delivery services with so much care. All you have to find the best florist seller in online. You can explore the various flowers from your home and their corresponding price. If you wish to buy anything, simply press the purchase button and the flowers will delivery at your doorstep.

Order flower online easily:

Celebrate seasons and special occasion with an online flower delivery. Online shops offer ample premium flower arrangement for midnight and same day flower bouquet delivery by the help of local florist. Are you looking to send flowers to Metro Manila Philippines? You can avail the shop that offers countrywide delivery service.  If you want to have something more than a personal message, then go with the fresh flower bouquet along with your choice of any gift. This will surely make the recipient feel your love and make that day memorable in their lifetime.

Deliver flowers to Philippines:

Celebrate your special occasion with the online flower delivery to Philippines. If you are out from Philippines, then you can surprise your loved one by sending flowers. Whether it is your kid birthday or celebrating the golden wedding anniversary of your parents, you can obtain flower bouquet delivery specificcaly in Metro Manila for every occasion to make it memorable and special.

You can get a huge variety of flowers that even not find in the traditional market. It includes roses, tulips, peonies, and so on. If you want to surprise someone with flower bouquet, you can buy a flower and provide the recipient address for delivery. They will deliver it to the concerned person in a royal gesture. They always ensure the freshness of the flowers because customer satisfaction is very important.

Same day or midnight flower delivery:

Some online florist store offers the facility of the same day and midnight flower delivery in Jaipur. Using this, you can send flowers to any point in metro manila anywhere without any hassle.  Are you mess up and think how it possible? Of course, it is possible because online stores have a huge network connection with the entire city. Thus, you will receive the flower on the time.

We are the city of royal people so everything must have the royal touch. Even today the pink city have the royal heritage so if you want to make someone feel special for you, then send exceptionally decorated flowers with royal attire. Online flowers shops provide an opportunity to convey your deepest feeling or wish someone in the flowery way.

Ways to make you feel homely?

Flower delivery manila

We all like to show our creative buds by indulging in activities that require man power. Many do-it- yourself kits are very popular these days only because it makes us feel like we have achieved something different which is unique from others. It is always better to test your creative strokes at home. Home is the only place that allows you to be true to yourself. Hence the decoration of your house or room defines your personality in many ways.

It is rightly said that home is where the heart lies. It is a place that you can rightfully call ad your own. Wherever you go and whatever you do, at the end of the day, you always crave to be back home. Your home allows you to portray the true version of yourself. Everything you feel, crave or wish to be, you can do so in the comforts of your house. In such a scenario, it is necessary that your home has a very positive vibe. Here are a few ideas you can opt for to make your house, hostel or hour room feel like home.

  1. Make it colourful.

We all have a favourite colour that we associate ourselves to. The best way to make your loving area very lively is to paint it with that colour. You could buy paints, gather your friends or family and do it on your own. This exercise will really allow you to bond with one another.

  1. Get artistic.

We all connect to art very differently. Some of us like paintings, sketches, portraits, etc. Some of us like craft work such as origami, paper crafts, recycled art, etc. We also love other artists in the field of music, dance and theatre. Whatever your niche is, try to incorporate that in your room. Hang a painting, stick a poster or decorate your room with some other art work that reminds you of your likes.

  1. Brighten your place with flowers.

Flowers are always the best option to get you out of your dull or stressful day. It is a nice feeling to come back home with a fresh cut bunch of flowers your adorn your tea table. If you want, you can even decorate it all around your house. Seeing them bloom is a very positive feeling and so is taking good care of them. You can also sign up for online flower delivery or any other city to make this a regular activity.

  1. Buy lots of accessories.

Go all the way and try to make your home a comfortable place to live in. If you are worried about expenses, make a wish list and try to fulfil it whenever you are able to spend. Buy items which you think will make you feel at peace and remember that there is nothing wrong in indulging yourself in a few treats in the form of furniture, utensils, etc.

So, these are some of the ideas that you can work upon to make your living area a special place for your satisfaction.

Send A Fresh And Colorful Flower With Support Of The Experience Flower Delivery In Metro Manila


A flower gives different means to people. Flowers are expressed your wishes or appreciations to someone who care you more. With help of flower, you can convey your message to others strongly and lovingly. Nowadays in Metro Manila Philippines, you can send many bundles of flowers to your family, friends or loved one through online service. According to this, it is the best way to search for a reliable company that offers Flowers Delivery in Metro Manila or any nearer places in Metro Manila. There are so many online florist companies are available in Metro Manila they are fulfill your needs; however you must know how to look for the right one it make the money and effort worth it.

Way of selection of flower delivery in Metro Manila

The perfect way to select the Flower delivery alwar services is through online search engines. Because of this technology, people can make physical and online business in just a few clicks. In internet a best search engines are present like Google and Yahoo, which are able to present the top choices of online Florist companies. Once you reach their page, you directly get their contact details without needing to open their website again. . Flower delivery has become a much simpler and sooner with help of online.  The flower delivery in Metro Manila gives an understandable plan to how your bouquet will look. In online much collection of variety of flowers are available with lowest price tag. A number of roots are available to deliver your chosen flower to your house in online. With help of online transport method, customer can save the currency, time and petrol able to avoid traffic and crowds.

One more way to seem for flower shop is to get recommendations or referrals. Your friends or relations may have perused flowers in past days. With help of them, you can gain suitable knowledge with a dependable company; they will surely advocate their services to you. After getting this much of information, you just compare it with all other company’s comment of the other customer. One of the key tips of comparison is the variety of services and products available. Online flower delivery in Metro Manila that can offer an enormous collection of flowers and designs for different occasions.  In Philippines, ‘same day flower delivery’ is the famous one which liked by all people who are like fast delivery. They also give twenty-four hours and seven-week customer care service to people.

Cost and Quality Services In Metro Manila

TFX Flowers’ Florist has the enormous high quality services that make the people as happy. Here all type of flowering models is available with lowest price. Some of the flower models are wedding flowers, birthday flowers, Table Arrangement flowers and Hand bouquets. If you give the mass order, they slash the cost. Here the gorgeous flower arrangements are there which are positively impressing your mind. Here, the team whom help you to select the flowers and make the fast release to your residence. Through online shopping this company, give different types of delivery opportunity like cash on delivery, online cash payment. With help of online process, you can get best, freshest flowers and easiest ordering is possible.


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Why do humans love flowers?

tfx red rose bouquet

Here are some reason why people love flowers:

  • Because of the attraction, Humans love flowers simply, simply because of the beauty. You know, when we hear the word BEAUTIFUL, it is a normal behavior that the first thing may come to our mind is the flower.

    Also, people love flowers, because of the color, They are flashy and they have a nice shape with charming fragrance.

  • Flowers have evolved to be colorful, flashy, fragrant advertisements to attract birds and insects who glean nourishment and serve the flowering plant by spreading their pollen and ensuring their survival.

    So, it’s “natural” that we would be attracted to flowers – they’re designed to attract!

    Pretty, colorful, smell-good attractions.

    On top of that, they represent health, bounty, spring-like weather, femininity, and sensuality.

  • Primates (Including humans) developed the ability to see colors in order to tell if a fruit is ready to ear or not. In the case of human’s attractiveness to colors, it is because humans (And primates) like to play with their senses in order to feel new experiences (In other words, to get rid of boredom). Their tendency to play with senses can also be found in their love of music, sexual stimulation, trying different foods, touching different things, etc.


  • Humans perceive flowers beautiful or attractive , attract various reasons or occasions to have presence of flowers . The beauty of flowers needs no explanation, as it happens. The beauty and attractiveness of flowers are for humans context-dependent: either in reference to meetings, encounters and feelings, either as part of the setting for experiences, either as message-bearing. Moreover, in some cases flowers are beautiful just on their own.

pink roses with sunflowers

  • Humans love flowers for many reasons.With their bright colors and delicate look, flowers are naturally beautiful, they are flashy and they have a nice shape with a charming fragrance. Flowers are commonly used as gifts, it will help you to tell your feelings with your partner that what you think about them. It’s used for any happiness occasions like wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby born, to make your event memorable. Flowers make an emotional impact on us and provide comfort and consideration. It help serves as natural decorations for a centerpiece or to add the cheerful ambiance to the patient to feel them happy by heart. That why humans love flowers.
  • We see flowers as being pretty for the same reason we love the stars, a sunset/sunrise, mountains, the tropical ocean, and all other forms of natural beauty. It’s coincidence. It’s still beautiful though.

    Flowers help us in myriad ways

    Flowers are commonly used as gifts. Flowers are a surefire way to grab a woman’s attention and make her continuously think of you whenever she glances at the bouquet.

    Flowers make an emotional impact on us and provide comfort and consideration.Being in the presence of flowers triggers happy emotion and heightens feelings of life satistifaction

    Many flowers are edible and have provided flavor and nourishment to generations.

    Most of  the flower contains high doses of ascorbic acid and glycolic acid and may also fight inflammation and water retention so they use it for medicinal purposes.

    box of roses 2

  • There are artists out there who pursue the capture of beauty. The beauty of a flower. What makes a flower so beautiful is that it just pops up color, shape and all without any effort on our part. Sure we can grow them and nurture the way they come about, but their delicate, fragile, and quiet grace is all their own.  Within flowers is a lesson which reflects the true understanding of beauty and perfection, though we may not appreciate it everyday: True beauty and perfection is but for only a moment, then it is gone, hopefully to be witnessed in the next season of our hearts and minds.

PA03 Pink Paper Roses with Stargazers

  • Even in this 21st century the charm and charisma of flowers is intact. No matter how advanced we have become, the splendor of flowers is still intact. Who says that an expensive dress is more beautiful than a gorgeous flower bouquet? Maybe for a materialistic fellow, such a dress might be more loving but for a creative and loving individual, a flower bouquet will suffice his desire.

Mye Purple Bouquet

  • It’s that flowers release a gas called ethylene and it’s what creates the sweet smell.

    Ethylene makes you euphoric. So it could be that’s why we love the smell.

    Fun fact:

    At a high concentration of ethylene you’ll hallucinate. This is what the oracle of Delphi used thousands of years ago to make prophecies. She’d be the most powerful person in the world back then. They thought it allowed you to connect to the gods.

BS01 Sunflower Bloombox

  • Flowers make a positive impact on our nature and if we live in greenery atmosphere, it affects on our mood in positive ways as well as beneficial for our health.Alona Flowers with Ferrero and Bear

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Why Are Roses So Expensive?


If you have ever wandered down to the local florist to buy your sweetheart a bouquet of roses, you are aware of the high price of these beautiful flowers, especially compared with the price of many other kinds of flowers. There are several reasons why roses are so expensive. Understanding these reasons might make you feel better about paying more the next time you purchase them.

Love Connection
Roses are known throughout the world as a symbol of love, and giving roses indicates that you have special feelings for a person. Unless you know that your beloved prefers another flower, you can’t go wrong with roses. This identification of roses with love helps to make them more expensive.

Supply and demand are key to price setting, and the demand for roses is very high. Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world, probably because of their sweet smell and variety of colors and sizes. Also, unlike some other flowers such as springtime tulips or Christmas poinsettias, roses are not identified with a particular season; they are in demand year-round. High demand keeps prices higher than that of many other flowers.

Rose Oil
Pure rose essential oil is used as an antidepressant, antiseptic and aphrodisiac, among other things. It is the most expensive of the essential oils; pure essential rose oil can sell for more than $70 for a bottle containing six-hundredths of an ounce. Since the rose produces so little oil, it takes 1,000 pounds of rose petals to produce an ounce of pure essential oil.

Valentine’s Day
The reason you might be paying high for roses could have something to do with the time of year. Valentine’s Day is a traditional time to give roses, and florists know that lovers are willing to spend whatever it takes to send roses. In addition, due to high demands, flower shops tends to import flowers to cover the demands and suppliers take this opportunity to increase prices and have a higher income, with this it adds to the cost.

Should I send sympathy flowers?


Whether or not you send sympathy flowers really depends on your relationship with the deceased or the bereaved and also on their wishes. If you didn’t know the person very well, or it is a work colleague, it might be appropriate just to send a card.

Some people request donations to the deceased’s favourite charity instead, or they may have a cultural or religious reason for not wishing to receive flowers. (For example, it isn’t customary in the Jewish faith to send sympathy flowers). Some people might simply be allergic or just not like cut flowers! So try and respect their wishes. If you’re not sure, there are plenty of other ways of letting someone know you are thinking of them at this sad time. Perhaps a phone call, even an email or a text would be a comfort. Practical help such as cooking a meal, or helping with transport for the funeral can be other ways of showing you care.

There are many other types of sympathy gifts too for situations where flowers might not be suitable. Perhaps the recipient has very little space to display them, or will be travelling soon after the funeral. Have a look at our page of ideas for sympathy gifts to see whether something different may be more appropriate in this case.

Text by: griefandsympathy

The Meaning Of Flowers


Flower has long been a symbol of love and care. Traditionally, a man gives a woman flowers to express his interest in her. It is still being practiced and perhaps will never go away. However, the gift of flower has extended its role and meaning beyond romantic love. Today, people give flowers to one another to celebrate a special personal occasion, an anniversary, a mother’s day, a birthday and some observed holidays. People also send flowers to express their sympathy, apology, or to wish someone well. Basically, flowers are given for numerous reasons and each has its own meanings as well.

Sending flowers to your mom on Mother’s Day and to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day seem to be on top of the list for most people and perhaps, the only two days of the year that more flowers than ever being sent. Flower shops work around the clock on those days to meet the demand. The best part is that now you can just order flowers online and have them delivered almost anywhere in the same day. For all your guys out there, sending flowers to your sweetheart for no reason and when she is least expected will definitely melt her heart and make your day too.

Flower is a perfect gift idea. The price is very reasonable but it always looks quite expensive and classy. A bouquet of flower conveys joy, romance, love, appreciation or sympathy in a way that no other gifts can be matched. By the way, different kinds of flower have different meanings and that goes for the colors of flowers as well. Most online flower shop’s websites offer a really neat feature in which you select the occasion for sending flowers and it will recommend the kinds of flower you should buy. In any case, you can never go wrong with flowers. It is a wonderful gift that special someone in your life will definitely love and appreciate.

Sending flowers to your mom on Mother’s Day and to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day seem to be on top of the list for most people and perhaps, the only two days of the year that more flowers than ever being sent. Flower shops work around the clock on those days to meet the demand. The best part is that now you can just order flowers online and have them delivered almost anywhere in the same day. For all your guys out there, sending flowers to your sweetheart for no reason and when she is least expected will definitely melt her heart and make your day too.

Flower is a perfect gift idea. The price is very reasonable but it always looks quite expensive and classy. A bouquet of flower conveys joy, romance, love, appreciation or sympathy in a way that no other gifts can be matched. By the way, different kinds of flower have different meanings and that goes for the colors of flowers as well. Most online flower shop’s websites offer a really neat feature in which you select the occasion for sending flowers and it will recommend the kinds of flower you should buy. In any case, you can never go wrong with flowers. It is a wonderful gift that special someone in your life will definitely love and appreciate.

When To Buy Her Flowers: The Happy Times Principle

TFX 0605 D10

We all have a friend who never wants to hang out, but only calls when he wants something? Annoying, right? Well, it’s the same idea when it comes to giving a girl flowers. You can’t just give her flowers when you want something or when times get tough. Early on, you need to set a precedent, by giving her flowers when things are good. This creates an association: “Flowers = Happy Times”. Then, when you make her mad or get in a fight, you can buy her flowers to recall those happy times. They call it the Happy Times Principle.

Here are some Happy Times to consider giving flowers:

To Say “I’m Sorry”. Guys, we all know this works, but it works best when following the Happy Times Principle. Keep reading…
Just Because. This is the most important part of the Happy Times Principle. You must — absolutely must — give her flowers at random occasions “just because,” two to four times a year. To make it really seem random, try to time it at least a week or two after any major events or big arguments. This keeps her on her toes, makes you seem slightly dangerous and unpredictable, and helps maintain the illusion that you both live in a Romantic Happy-Times Fantasy Bubble.
Third Date. Got a new gal, and want to show her you’re a real gentleman? Pick her up at eight, and surprise her with a nice bouquet. It may seem corny, but she will love it. No matter how corny you think this is, she will love it. This works on any date, not just the third. However, flowers on the first date may be a bit too old fashioned, and flowers on the first OR second dates may create an unrealistic expectation that you are some kind of superhuman “perfect guy”. Which you are not. So, no flowers before the third date.
Birthday. Optional. There’s always cake.

Anniversary. Obvious, but flowers are a great way to let her know you care about your anniversary — and what better way to associate flowers with Happy Times?
The Next Morning. You guys shared an amazing new experience last night. Trust. Lust. Communication. Send her some flowers with a little note that says “thank you for opening my eyes last night.” Remember, you’re giving flowers to recall the what? That’s right, the Happy Times.
Valentine’s Day. Okay, this one is really obvious. Anywhere, Valentine’s Day is a special day that was invented by flower companies to force you to spend three or four times more than you normally would on flowers.

by primermagazine



Flowers can be the perfect gift to give for any occasion, and an even better gift to give for no occasion at all. Who doesn’t love the beauty and kind gesture of a flower? There is an easy way to ensure your gift is well received, and that is to give a live, flowering plant instead of a bouquet. Here are four reasons why it is better to give potted flowers.

Potted Flowers Live Long
While a bouquet may look stunning on the day it is given, it will not last more than several days, as the stems have all been cut from the plant. A potted flower, however, which is a living bouquet, will last for weeks! Living plants grow, eat, and breathe. Its beautiful blooms will continue to bestow its beauty and charm, reminding your recipient of your thoughtfulness in giving it. Plus, they are easy to keep alive and vibrant–all they need water and light.

Living Plants Provide Lots Of Enjoymentgift of potted flowers

When you give the gift of living flowers, you are giving entertainment, creativity, and better health to your recipient. Fresh, endearing flowers come in colors and sizes to instantly enhance every home and patio decor. Additionally, the benefits of gardening and tending to a living flower include stress relief, physical exercise, and a connection to nature that is healing.

Even a novice gardener can get enjoyment from a potted flower, if you select the right bloom. A hardy and easy-going plant that can grow in almost any location, with relaxed light and water needs, is the perfect gift. Geranium Rozanne is such a plant, and her easy nature and laid-back attitude can compliment the busiest lifestyle, or the most inexperienced gardener. She also fits in quite well and will quickly endear herself to a more established garden, as well.

Potted Plants Are Economical
A flower bouquet from a trendy boutique can cost as much a three-course meal at a local neighbourhood restaurant. By gifting a living flower, you can also splurge on the dinner, or a bottle of your favourite wine, for your recipient. Even when you pick up a bouquet for a great price, a potted plant will always be a more economical choice.

Living Flowers Are Eco-Friendly
Live plants are more environmentally friendly than a bouquet of flowers. Two-thirds of cut flowers are grown in South America and Africa, and flown by jet to flower shops around the rest of the world. Refrigeration is required to sustain these cut blooms, which are often delivered by vans once they have become bouquets. You can save the tremendous energy and fuel that goes into a bouquet by choosing a more eco-friendly living plant instead.

Living plants naturally remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during the day. Many blooms, like Rozanne, attract bees that can pollinate vegetables and fruit. When you water a living plant, the water is being used to support plant growth; a vase of water for a bouquet is only slightly extending the time until the blooms wilt and fall.

Flowers are the perfect way to show someone you are thinking of them. Giving a live plant communicates so much––you care about their health, their happiness, and the planet you both share.

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